Landlord Information

Marketing your property 'For Rent'

Leasing your property

  • All information and references provided by tenancy applicants will be verified by us
  • Unless you instruct otherwise, all potentially suitable tenancy applications will be referred to you for a decision

Rent collection

  • We monitor arrears on a daily basis & adhere to our Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears Policy
  • Should termination of the tenancy be necessary, we will keep you informed throughout the legal process.

Rental funds

  • All monies held in our Trust Account will be deposited into your nominated bank account on the last day of each month (unless it falls on a weekend or public holiday)

Repairs and maintenance

  • We will attend to any 'urgent' repair requests as per the Residential Tenancy Act
  • We will contact you prior to organising any 'non urgent' repairs requests from the tenant
  • All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain the best pricing for your repairs and maintenance
  • We will attend to payment of all tax invoices received for repairs & maintenance unless directed otherwise by you

Routine inspections

  • We will conduct an initial inspection following the commencement of a new tenancy at approximately 6-8 weeks after the commencement of the new Tenancy Agreement and provide you with a written report
  • We will conduct routine inspections every 6 months and provide you with a written report

Tenant vacating

  • On receipt of a tenant vacating notice we will:
    • Advise you by phone, letter or email
    • Confirm the details in writing to both you and the tenant
    • List the property on our website & put the agreed advertising plan into effect
    • Prepare all necessary vacating documentation
    • Arrange access for viewings by prospective tenants.
  • After the tenant vacates the property:
    • Process the tenant's bond refund as soon as possible
    • If deductions from the rental bond are considered necessary, full details will be provided to both you and the tenant.

Property disbursements and end of month statements

  • All agreed property disbursements will be paid on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability of funds).
  • We will provide you with an accurate annual income and expenditure Statement within thirty (30) days of the end of the financial year

Documentation and correspondence

  • We will provide all documentation in clear and concise English.
  • We will ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete

Landlord Information